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Air Pollution and COVID-19 with Bert B. Brunekreef

Duration : 01:10:19 | Date : May 28, 2021

During this webinar, Professor Bert B. Brunekreef presented a recent report to the EU Parliament entitled ‘Air pollution and Covid-19’. Air pollution is a major contributor to death and disease worldwide, on a par with active smoking and unhealthy diets. Air pollution is known to increase the risk of infections by damaging epithelial barriers and decreasing immune responses. It seems likely that air pollution may also contribute to the incidence, severity and case-fatality of COVID-19. The spread of COVID-19 has been so dynamic, however, that it has been very difficult so far to establish clear quantitative links. Air pollution may also influence social inequalities through increased exposure in poor neighborhoods and increased health damage in populations in poor health, poor nutritional status etc. Such relations are not straightforward, though, and may be seen in unexpected directions (rich folks living in gentrified but still more polluted inner cities, poor folks living in relatively clean depressed rural areas, etc.). The presentation focused on air pollution and health in general, and on COVID-19 in particular, in the context of environmental justice. This webinar was organised as part of a series of webinars that aim to explore the evidence base and carve a comprehensive overview of the COVID-inequality nexus in a number of areas including: income, spatial inequality, ethnicity and migration, labour, gender, child and education, mental health, environment and more.
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