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Education - One Year into the COVID Pandemic with Andreas Schleicher and Alexander Patzina

Duration : 01:14:47 | Date : Jun 07, 2021

In 2020, 1.5 billion students in 188 countries/economies were locked out of their schools. The OECD – in collaboration with UNESCO, UNICEF and The World Bank – has been monitoring the situation across countries and collecting data on how each system is responding to the crisis, from school closures and remote learning, to teacher vaccination and gradual returns to in-class instruction. The OECD report “The State of School Education: One Year Into the COVID Pandemic” presents the preliminary findings from this survey, providing a snapshot of the situation one year into the COVID crisis. Andreas Schleicher, Director of the OECD Education and Skills Directorate, described the state of school systems among OECD countries during the COVID pandemic. Alexander Patzina, from the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), then provided specific insights about the transition of German students from high school to post-secondary education during the pandemic. This presentation is based on an academic paper evaluating the impact of COVID-19 policy measures on subjective well-being of high-school students in their final grades, using a survey of around 6,000 German students from two “Abitur” cohorts (a cohort graduating in 2020 and another cohort graduating in 2021). The authors apply a difference-in-difference design that allows evaluating the immediate effect of school closures on subjective well-being. The results suggest that school closures had no negative immediate effect on subjective well-being, but a strong decline in subjective well-being in the longer run due to lockdown. This webinar was organised as part of a series of webinars that aim to explore the evidence base and carve a comprehensive overview of the COVID-inequality nexus in a number of areas including: income, spatial inequality, ethnicity and migration, labour, gender, child and education, mental health, environment and more.
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